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Step 1: Selection of the required surgery, basic guidance & medical evaluation

On receiving your inquiry, Meditourism India respond with relevant information, including all-inclusive cost estimates for surgery, a basic outline of the surgical and recuperation period for your selected surgical procedures.
You can also Contact Us by filling online Inquiry form by e-mail, Skype or on telephone.

Or you can also contact our representatives/ channel offices in your respective countries
We encourage you to provide medical history & all relevant details that gives us a better perspective of your complete requirements.

The Information is important to us. All medical questions are forwarded to the surgeon /doctors for his professional input. The medical history together with any additional medical requirements will allow the surgeon to make an initial clinical medical evaluation. (Pre arrival procedures)

Following the surgeon’s initial medical feedback, we will be happy to co-ordinate any further queries you may have, with the surgeon on details or particulars of the surgery and the expected results. If needed, we will also arrange for a telephonic/skype consultation with the selected surgeon.

It is best for you to send across your photos, supporting medical reports/ records if any to Meditourism India through e-mail or upload the same through our Medical History Form.

Step 2: Arrival in India, hotel or serviced apartment services

We will also help with visa procedures. On your arrival in India, we welcome you to this land of warm hospitality. We will receive you at the airport and safely drop you in an appropriate vehicle depending on your medical condition. For elective surgical procedures, we can provide you with a range of privately driven air-conditioned vehicles to your selected hotel or serviced apartments.

In a serviced apartment, we also provide you with a house help and a local contact number, if required.

Step 3: Meeting the doctors for pre-operative consultation, Treatment &post-operative Care

After you have settled down, depending on your itinerary, the first visit to the surgeon is scheduled preferably as early as possible after your arrival.

The surgeon you have selected shall answer all your questions to your satisfaction, in the terms you understand.

You should agree about the anticipated outcome of your surgery.
You and the surgeon should concur about your expectations of the results.
You should have discussed alternatives and thoroughly understood the risks of the procedure.
Neither you nor the surgeon is under any obligation until after your pre-operative consultation.
The fee quoted in the initial enquiry will be confirmed after further medical evaluation by the surgeon.
The balance due after payment of the deposit is payable directly to the surgeon or at the Medical Facility at your pre-operative consultation.
Payment can be made via cash, Traveler’s cheques, Visa or Master Card.
Meditourism India’s patient support team member will accompany you to the medical facility on the day of the surgery – ensuring that you are admitted and ready for surgery after a pre-surgery consultation with the surgeon and the specialist anesthesiologist. Any further questions can be addressed at this consultation.

Post-operative needed care will be taken by our team at this stage.

Required medicines will be provided by us at wholesale prices, as we are the exporters for medicines to most of the countries.

Step 4: Recuperation. Exploring India &/or destination wellness retreats

Recuperating period: It is customary for patients to recuperate in the town of surgery for the required post-operative period. This requirement is dependent on the nature of the procedure. We offer a choice of recuperation accommodation packages that include accommodation, certain meals, transfers to airport and medical with assistance and support.

On your recovery, we will discuss the most suitable trip options, arrange your requirements according, and make necessary arrangements and bookings.

Here we also have attractive packages for Destination wellness retreats.

Step 5: Traveling back to your home country followed by Skype meets with our representative for your checkups

Once you are through with your intended itinerary in India, we will solicit you feedback on your whole experience in India, including the operating surgeon, medical facility, Meditourism India’s services, etc.

We constantly endeavor to improve our offerings and services. We offer and greatly value your input, suggestions, and comments. Your candid and honest feedback gives us important insights in improving the complete experience for our future guests.

Once back home, we encourage you to keep in touch with us, as your healing progress is important and if at any stage you have any further queries, we would like you to contact us, and we will respond accordingly.

Follow up consultations using email is available at all times and in addition, we can arrange for need based telephonic/ skype consultations with the surgeon.